Raquel Utnehmer

Raquel Utnehmer

Raquel Utnehmer is an O’side local. Born and bred in the heart of North County, San Diego, Raquel finished in the top of her graduating class of 2023 from UC San Diego, with a cum laude degree in political science.

During her undergraduate studies at university, Raquel enthusiastically worked with local nonprofits, advocating for those with mental and physical disabilities, bringing Autism Awareness to her local communities.

Being raised in the South Valley of Oceanside has lent to her well-rounded, multi-cultural upbringing, that has afforded Raquel the ability to interface effectively with all walks of life.

She is an over-achieving ‘Zoomer’ with a passion for running that’s currently on the path to becoming a lawyer; and when Raquel isn’t serving the Queen of Business Law®, she’s busy studying for the LSAT as she continues along her path to becoming a practicing attorney.

Ms. Kelly Bagla, Esq. is honored to be providing mentorship to Raquel along her journey to becoming a lawyer. Bagla Law Firm would like to introduce our newest Legal Assistant as an additional integral member of the firm to all our clients, friends, and associates. Raquel’s attention to detail, and commitment to keeping client service her number one goal will assist in making every step of your journey with our law firm the most pleasant and most productive as possible.

Raquel Utnehmer

Legal Assistant

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