3 Reasons Why This California Business Attorney Chose Carlsbad

Bagla Law Firm, a leading expert in business formation and asset protection, has been doing business in Carlsbad, California for more than a decade. Why did business attorney, Kelly Bagla, Esq. choose Carlsbad? And why has she continued to build her California Law Firm in this oceanside community?

Here are three top reasons why this business attorney (and her clients) recommend Carlsbad to do business.

  1. Quality of Life
    Carlsbad is a seaside community that has village charm and a world-class business environment. According to Kelly, “I have helped many startup companies with business formation who have chosen to locate their businesses here primarily because of the quality of life. You can’t beat the near-perfect weather and and idyllic setting.”

    Many business owners site the unique combination of a low-key beach life, a dense suburban feel, plus a booming business environment, as the perfect set of reasons for doing business in Carlsbad.

  2. Business Growth Opportunities
    More than 93% of Carlsbad establishments are small businesses. And according to the City Council, the percentage of new businesses in Carlsbad increased from 20-34 percent, revealing a strong entrepreneurial environment. Thriving business growth affords opportunities for businesses in all sectors to startup, grow and thrive.

This robust dynamic for growth provides California business attorney, Kelly Bagla, with continual access to new clients including entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations and international businesses to help them start, run and protect their assets through legal strategies.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Carlsbad is conveniently located between Los Angeles and San Diego providing easy access to national and world-wide clients and vendors. At the same time, Carlsbad is also located near surrounding local neighborhoods. The coastal city has a commuter train and great bus service making it easy for employees, owners, and clients alike to travel to Carlsbad establishments. “We are located conveniently close to our Carlsbad business clients,” explained Kelly. “As their business attorney, I can meet at their offices or ours, on a moment’s notice.”

These three reasons, (and more) make Carlsbad the perfect place for Bagla Law Firm to help clients with everything from business formation to asset protection. And these same reasons apply to most businesses who are looking for an ideal place to locate their business.