Canine Associates

Canine Associates

Lucy is a Canine Associate

Lucy joins fellow canine associates, Lady and Shelby (shown on right with Kelly Bagla) in providing unleashed enthusiasm and joy to the established law firm.

(Left) Lucy Bagla, Esq. (Extra Special Queen), is the newest Canine Associate of Bagla Law Firm. Lucy comes to Bagla Law Firm from Oceanside, California, where she was a free agent at LAST CHANCE AT LIFE. Lucy has a stellar reputation for dogged determination. What she lacks in pedigree and actual legal experience, Lucy more than makes up for with her exuberance, flamboyant style, and loyal service to clients.

Kelly Bagla with four-footed Bagla Law Associates

Bagla Law Firm is honored to have all three of our Canine Associates as integral members of the firm. With a commitment to keeping loyal service and joyous celebration their top priorites,  Lucy, Lady and Shelby give our law firm the most dog-friendly and client-loving environment possible.

Canine Associates 

GENERAL AssistantS to the CEO

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Sarah Nikai Brooks, assistant to Kelly Bagla, Esq.