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Kelly Bagla, Esq.


Kelly Bagla, Esq.

CEO of Bagla Law Firm, APC

“Grab the world by the pearls! It’s yours for the taking!”

Kelly is a dynamic powerhouse of an attorney and has lived by that mantra every day of her life! Success takes courage, perseverance, and making bold moves! It also takes knowledge!

Understanding the legal aspects of a business is essential for any business to succeed, no matter what phase they’re in. With a solid legal foundation for your business, there’s no limit to what you can achieve!

Having worked for the largest law firm in the world, with some of the best legal minds in business (along with her impressive education), Kelly has acquired a wealth of information on what it takes to make and run a successful business.

She has made it her mission to share that information with other business owners to help them break the proverbial glass ceiling!

She has a long list of impressive domestic and international clients who have deemed her “Queen of Business Law” and for good reason. She’s tough as nails, smart as a whip and determined to make your business successful!

Kelly wrote “Go Legal Yourself!” as a way to finally empower business owners with the best information there is on how to launch, grow and sustain their business legally! By creating the “4 Legal Lifecycles” of a business, Kelly broke down how to start, grow, establish and exit a business into 4 easy steps that will make any business bullet proof and extremely successful!

She loves educating people about how to succeed as a business entrepreneur and is especially passionate about working with veterans and women in business! (If dogs could own businesses, she’d help them too!) She’s madly in love with her Marine husband and their 3 beautiful dogs!

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