What is a Trust?

[27-December-22 20:20:35]
Trusts can be used for so many different things including estate planning, tax benefits, income in the case of disability or illness, passing on a...

Benefits of an LLC over a Corporation

[22-September-22 0:57:07]
Each business entity has its advantages and disadvantages. There isn’t an overall perfect business type; only a business type that is perfect for your business....

How to Form an LLC in San Diego

[15-September-22 2:01:08]
You’ve looked into the different business entity options and discussed your business goals with an experienced attorney.  You’ve finally decided that you want to form...

What Type of Assets Should You Protect?

[22-April-22 20:59:39]
If you own any assets, you need asset protection. Protecting your assets is as important as acquiring them in the first place. If you do...

How Does a Non-Profit Corporation Work?

[19-February-22 5:37:29]
A non-profit corporation is a type of business entity.  In contrast to other kinds of corporations, nonprofits exist for the benefit of some collective, social,...

Business Litigation Dangers You Need to Know

[12-February-22 4:12:43]
As an owner of a small business avoiding the danger of litigation should be a top priority for you. Legal issues can take you by surprise and seriously hurt your bottom line. To help protect your business, watch for these common legal issues:


[8-January-22 4:59:25]
By Kelly Bagla, Esq. Thinking about starting a business?  If you are – Brilliant!  Congratulations on taking control of your life and being part of...



[10-November-21 23:54:17]
By Kelly Bagla, Esq. Did you know out of the 27.9 million businesses in the United States, 2.45 million of them are owned by Veterans?...