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By Kelly Bagla, Esq.


If you want to learn about running a successful business then you’ll find no better teacher than a chess board. Chess is a game of tactic and strategy and these tactics and strategies can be useful in the business world.

Chess is a complicated mental game modelled after war, the struggle to achieve victory, but it can also be a tool to improve business skills. Business is all about position and strategy and you’ll be moving your business in the same ways you would chess pieces – with precision and accuracy.

Below are some lessons you can learn from chess that will help you postion your business on the path to success:

    • Learn to look ahead.

Only those who can foresee several moves ahead can play a good game of chess. Taking the effort to plan for a good forecast is critical to the success of any business.

    • Learn to develop memory

To be able to look ahead, you must learn how to memorize a large number of potential moves. Since memory is an essential element of thinking, it should be of help to ensure business decision making

    • Learn the value of patience

In chess, you need time to place your pieces in the proper position before you can attack effectively as a premature attack may backfire. This is very similar in business where you must patiently restrain yourself from making rash moves until everything is set. You conduct market research and feasibility studies first before risking your capital.

    • Learn to anticipate your competitors moves

When making a move in chess, you must also anticipate the probable responses from your opponent because they are planning to defeat you. This idea of a thinking foe must be incorporated into the making of business plans. In the real world, competitors would react to your moves so you must be prepared for the counter attack.

    • Learn to think outside the box

Although chess has strict rules, the expert player knows how to use this creativity to come up with surprise moves to defeat his opponent. An entrepreneur must come up with an innovative marketing campaign if he or she is to prevail against giant competitors.

As business owners we all try to run a successful business but the ones that actually become successful businesses are the ones who plan, prepare and think outside the box.

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