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Are you considering starting a business entity in San Diego or anywhere in California? If so, you need a lawyer with the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you. At Bagla Law Firm, our Business Formation Lawyer San Diego offers a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience. We not only help a new business establish a solid base, but we are also available to help the business with its legal needs through all stages of growth. 

The first critical step in setting up a successful business in California is choosing a business entity. Different business entities have different features as it pertains to ownership, management, liability, and taxation. To help you determine the type of business you should form, the Business Formation Lawyer San Diego at Bagla Law Firm will, among other things, assess your goals and areas of concern during your initial consultation.

Types of Business Entities in California

In California, there are several types of business entities. They include;

The list goes on, and although it looks complicated, an experienced lawyer can help you evaluate all the different types of entities and select the most suitable one for your business.

Things to Consider When Forming a Business

There are many things to consider when forming a business, with the two main things being taxes and liability protection. For example, if you form your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you can shield your personal assets from the company’s liability. Also, with an LLC, the company will be protected from the personal debts of the owners. 

When it comes to taxes, Sole proprietorships, LLCs and S-Corps offer what is known as “pass-through taxation.” One main tax benefit of choosing a pass-through business structure is that you get to avoid double taxation. Business earnings only get taxed once at the personal level. 

The following are other things to consider when forming a business;

At Bagla Law Firm, we can evaluate all the critical factors that need to be considered before a business is formed and help you develop a formation strategy that can ensure maximum operational efficiency.

How a Business Formation Lawyer San Diego Can Help

No matter what start-up issue you face, a Business Formation Lawyer San Diego can help you find a solution for your new business. An experienced lawyer can help you take, among many others, the following steps to get your business up and running;

When it comes to business contracts, all contracts should be reviewed by a business lawyer so they can make sure that all necessary items are captured. Also, if you take on business formation on your own, you might fail to draft a contract for a particular transaction because you believe that an agreement is not necessary, only for you to realize when it’s too late that it was actually required.


California law requires business entities to possess several legal documents. These include;

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Joint Ventures

The law is constantly changing, so it is best to work with a business lawyer who can ensure that you draft and file all necessary documents.

Want to Form a Business in San Diego or Anywhere in California?

Talk to our Business Formation Lawyer San Diego at Bagla Law Firm to get help with forming a new business in San Diego or anywhere in California. Call us at 760-579-6789 or fill out our online contact form

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